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Figure in the Window

Figure in the Window creepypasta


  1. "Hey dude, you missed a period there. Noo! Don't use literally like that. Here, let me show you - " his skin stretching even tighter as his hands start to cover mine, the occasional maggot falling from the now-growing gaps. He begins to guide my index-finger to the delete key as the blood stains my keyboard. The words, "I'm literally dead" vanishes from the screen. Soon I feel his skin begin to contract over mine as he slowly guides my fingers - 'I', 'apostrophe', 'v' 'e' 'space' 'l' 'i'. I begin to realize the gravity of my situation as a new sentence emerges,
    "I've literally pissed my pants." He whispers, "Oh yes, my child, I know - I can feel the warmth." He then seals my fate with a quick press of the [Windows]-L key - the unmistakable 'ding-dong' being both the longest and shortest sound of my life.