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It's been theorized that when people are experiencing a traumatic experience,
like rape, their body shuts down. They enter a dreamlike state in which they
like to stay. Around their fantasy world, the body will leave clues to help
them WAKE UP. Sometimes these will make the person WAKE UP, other times it
won't. But outside the mind, in the real world, everyone they love is quietly
telling them to PLEASE WAKE UP.


I never thought much of my life. I grew up in a small trailer with my parents and eventually moved into a better house once my mother took on 3 different job positions in medical transcription. My father also spent his time in college to upgrade from a heating and a/c specialist to what is now his occupation; Cardio Vascular Technician. Which brings us to how my life has decided to roll in some way I can't explain very thoroughly. Many things have changed. My body became aware of acid reflux, I began hearing voices when trying to sleep at night due to what they call a "chemical imbalance". I don't buy it, but what can I do about it?

Anyway, I've noticed how eerily different my reality has become over the years. People deny things I've heard them say or seen them do when I was younger. Not that they say anything... paranormal, for a lack of a better word. But the fact that I can't prove something happened. Things like my father creating energy in his hands and letting me feel its shock against my skin, yet denying he ever did that to this day. 

Let's get right down to the point though, shall we? You've experienced this same phenomenon. It's not really a question. You know you have. I know you have. But we can't prove it, can we?

I originally wrote this message for you differently before. But you put it off as some creepy story. I believe it was called... "WAKE UP"?

Regardless, I think you should know that you're sick and really need to WAKE UP. This reality you've created for yourself has made it very difficult for me to reach you. You've let yourself fall so deep. This may be the last message I may ever be able to give you. You almost didn't get it, but thank god you did. Your trauma almost had you sucked into the beginnings of some non-existent protagonist's childhood. 

You must understand... Your time is almost out. For god's sake... WAKE UP!


  1. These things always make me think...